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Vermont Code Camp is a full day event that brings together technology community members, students and professionals from around Vermont and beyond. In 2016, there were sessions on a variety of software topics including programming, databases, web, business and more.

Check back in the summer of 2017 or follow @VTCodeCamp for information about the next Vermont Code Camp.

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Vermont Code Camp 2017 will need you! Please consider submitting a speaker session proposal. You don't have to be from Vermont to attend or speak.

Help us with our ongoing work to build a more diverse conference experience by recommending appropriate speakers and/or organizers, and by sharing information about our call for proposals to relevant affinity groups.

Possible topics include .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java…really, anything related to development. You can refer to the 2016 schedule for session ideas.

Sessions are typically 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration, including time for questions. Feel free to submit one or several session proposals.

The deadline for submitting speaker session proposals is typically in early August, so be sure to check back before then.