Saturday Sept 16 Center for Communication and Creative Media, Champlain College, Burlington, VT


The Vermont Code Camp 2010 schedule included sessions on a variety of software topics.

Time .NET Room 1 Mostly .NET Room 2 Platform Agnostic Room 3 Open Source Room 4 Speaker Room & Parlor Chat
8:00am-8:45am Registration
8:45am-9:00am Welcome
9:00am-10:15am Building Applications in Silverlight 4 – Part 1 Dennis Perlot Introduction to Developing XNA Games for Windows Phone 7 Michael Cummings UI is Communication: UX Design for Non-Designers Everett McKay Tech for Devs: Introduction to PHP Bradley Holt/Matthew Weier O'Phinney  
10:30am-11:45am Building Applications in Silverlight 4 – Part 2 Carl Bergenhem Advanced XNA Development for the Windows Phone 7 Michael Cummings How to Fail Miserably as a Cloud Software Provider: A Business Perspective Jesse Kliza Tech for Devs: Introduction to Ruby Adam Bouchard  
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm-1:30pm Visual Studio Tips & Tricks Kathleen Dollard SSIS Advanced Concepts Christian Coté Get a Handle on Your Build Process Chris Yager Tech for Devs: Introduction to F# Rob Rohr How and Why to Start a User Group Bradley Holt
1:45pm-3:00pm Building Cloud-Native Applications with Windows Azure Bill Wilder Managed Extensibility Framework Kathleen Dollard Get into Git! Kevin Thorley CSS for Developers Jason Pelletier MS Business Intelligence Fundamentals: Developing OLAP Cubes in SSAS 2008 R2 Slava Kokaev
3:00pm-3:45pm Snacks & Raffles
3:45pm-4:45pm Lambdas & Extension Methods using Visual Studio 2010 Vincent Grondin   Project "Dallas" – Data for the Cloud Jim O'Neil Enter the WebMatrix: ASP.NET, PHP, Open Source and the Web Chris Bowen  
5:00pm-6:15pm Prism Introduction – A Look Into the New Release of Prism 4.0 (CTP) Kathleen MacMahon Windows Phone Development with Silverlight John Garland Behavior Driven Development Tom Cooley Tech for Devs: Introduction to Python Nowell Strite